Good Heart and Circulation
Blood Pressure.

Self Hypnosis CD & MP3.

A question that is frequently asked about self hypnosis is can a person using the techniques transcend normal capabilities and achieve the apparently impossible?

In fact you can take intelligent conscious control over body mind functions that normally appear to be out side our normal capabilities.

For example we know that anger causes the face to flush and the heart to beat faster. If our emotions can do that can they perhaps improve the blood circulation and regulate your blood pressure with out the drama or must we leave it all to chance.

The fact is we can easily learn to exercise voluntary control over dozens of processes which only lack of self understanding has placed out side your conscious control. Processes which respond more or less directly to the autonomic system which govern respiration and the function of the gastro intestinal and cardio vascular systems of the body.

When as a child your were conditioned to eat and excreta by the clock you were introduced to controlling two subconscious processes and like learning to ride a bike or play the piano once a new pattern becomes established like any habit good or bad it becomes a conditioned reflex action and conscious direction and control are no longer required

Good Heart Blood Pressure Testimonial: A complete solution, I used the Self Hypnosis CD first as directed, I then put in the Whisper Subliminal on with the repeat function at my bedtime.

Within the first 20 minutes after the lying back and listening to the Self Hypnosis download, the heart palpitations had already begun to subside.

Even though my chest pains were gone within the first day of using this amazing product, I still used the CD’s for a few more days as they made me feel relaxed and the clarity of mind that they provide is a real bonus.

I got more then what I expected.
Thank you Duncan and Paul for introducing me to this wonderful technology.
Marios  - England.

Two Full Strength Recordings.
Track One -
32 minutes Hypnosis.
Track Two -
40 minutes Subliminals.

Good Heart and Circulation.
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